I was not subtle In my present hints

I was fairly straight forward with my hints this year regarding what I wanted from my other half for my milestone 41st birthday. In the past I have never really made any requests but being skinter than past me I thought fuck the thought that counts bullshit, this time I want what I want.

This is what I wanted and where to get it:

What I wanted was a Wolverson 32kg black series kettle-bell. Note how specific that is. There is not much room for error. I even told her to get it from ebay as it is cheaper there than on their main ecommerce site. The only slight snag was they raised the price in the run up to my birthday. I thought, despite that I would still end up a year older, a lot greyer but swinging around a heavier kettlebell.

She is not a fan of my bells

To be fair my kettlebells are a slight point of contention between my gf and I. We live in a small flat and I have a few under the coffee table in the living room and a couple stashed in a little hidey space in my kids room. Why do I need so many? She and you might ask that. The answer is because I do, even the little 6kg pink one. I love all of my bells equally and most of them have been with me longer than her or the kids.

Here comes the big day

The big day arrives and by the very fact my 2 year old is carrying my present to me I am losing hope in it being 32kg kettlebell. You never know though right? Maybe he had developed Popeye super strength, he does eat a lot of greens.

Well turns out he doesn’t have super strength.

Somehow my very specific request, that I did not offer any subtlety about turned into something completely different. Yup instead of a kettlebell I got a photo mug and a 5 pack of garish stripey boxer briefs.

It’s not all bad though

I could go on about the disappointment but as I write this I am wearing green stripey boxers and I am supping from a mug with pics of me and my kids on. I love dad mugs and I love my kids. As an added bonus I just about still fit into a medium waist size.

We will skirt around the rest of the day

I would continue this post to explain the daytrip to the park and the subsequent argument with the woman in the carpark who parked so close to our car we couldn’t get the baby back in. However I might end up incriminating my girlfriend and despite not getting the birthday present I wanted I suppose I should stay loyal.

So there it is – pants, mug and road rage, happy birthday to me, grateful to have made it another year.

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